As soon as authors have confirmed we will be posting them on this page in alphabetic order.  Space is limited at the event and we expect to have 45 signing tables with no more than 5 of those being shared.  If you are interested in signing or joining our waiting list please complete our Author Interest Form.

To find out more about the author, including links to their Goodreads, Facebook, Website and Twitter just click on their name.

L Chapman

S. E. Cooper

R. G. Corr

L. A. Cotton

Amy Davies

Ker Dukey

Carrie Elks

C. A. Ellis

Samantha Fontien

Aimee-Louise Foster

Kirsty Greenwood

Victoria L. James

Nicola Haken

J. J. Harper

Kylie Hillman

Kathleen Kelly

Andie M. Long

L. P. Lovell

Rachel De Lune

MariaLisa deMora

Maria Macdonald

Ava Manello

T A McKay

Elle McKenzie

Manda Mellett

Dee Palmer

Mary E Palmerin

Tracie Podger

R. J. Prescott

Natasha Preston

Nicola C. Priest

Claire C. Riley/Cee Cee Riley

A. S. Roberts

K. A. Sands

K L Shandwick

D H Sidebottom

Isabella Starling

Samantha Towle

T. L. Wainwright

D. V. Williams

Melody Winter

Gemma Weir

Clarissa Wild