Author C. A. Ellis is Announced

I write my books to take readers on a roller coaster for their senses and emotions, angst, tears of sadness, tears of laughter and rising heart rates. Readers will as meet an array of different intriguing characters and tortured souls. All this with an abundance of romance.

I’m Carol and I write as C.A.Ellis and I am a self-confessed hopeless romantic.

I am a crazy, happy and fun Essex wife, mum and a good friend to anyone who needs one. I love spray tans, cheese, and red wine. My addictions are reading, Starbucks Latte’s, buying book covers and social networking.

‘The Vine’ was my debut Adult Contemporary Romance novel, followed by my Rockstar Romance ‘Jetson’ and ‘Flawless’ is coming very soon.

When I am not writing I can be found reading, listening to music, browsing Pinterest (a bit too often) or just generally daydreaming about a new make-believe world that I can throw myself into, with tortured souls but where love rules.