Main Sponsor Announced: Francessca’s PR & Designs

Francessca’s PR & Designs began life thanks to a love of books and a passion for Indie authors.

What started as a small book blog, to share book reviews, evolved into Francessca’s PR & Designs. If it hadn’t been for the inspiration of those Indie authors and fellow bloggers, the business wouldn’t be here.

With an ever growing list of bloggers willing to share and promote authors work we offer book releases, cover releases, spotlights and review tours as well as organising Facebook group events.

In addition to the original promotional activities and tours, the business now incorporates design for a wide range of publishers and authors alike, covering everything from paperback and eBook covers, banners, teasers, logos, and bookmarks to promotional designs.

As well as bespoke design we also offer a range of pre-made covers to cater for every author, regardless of budget.

If you’re in need of design work, be sure to look us up!

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